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Zagg acquires battery case maker Mophie for $100 million

Popular accessory maker Zagg announced that it has acquired another accessory maker, Mophie, known for their iPhone battery juice packs, for $100 million. Zagg CEO, Randy Hales, says the acquisition will allow the two companies to work together to deliver a better customer and investor experience than they could as independent companies.

Mophie CEO, Daniel Huang and COO, Shawn Dougherty, will still continue their respective roles and will report to Zagg CEO, Randy Hales. Mophie’s Daniel Huang shared the same sentiments as Randy Hales, saying the partnership will see both brands grow around the world and will continue to innovate in the mobile market.

Both, Zagg and Mophine, brought in approximately $470 million in revenue in 2015, combined. Zagg produces a number of mobile accessories including keyboards, cases and portable chargers but they’re really known for their InvisibleShield screen protectors. Mophie on the other hand is known for their popular iPhone battery cases/external battery packs.

Source – Zagg Press Release

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