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Your Mailbox is Now Open, No Reservation Needed

Come one, come all! No really, everyone can now come and download the Mailbox app for iOS. After a much anticipated launch in February 2013, Mailbox app was released to a waiting public who lined up by the hundreds of thousands to take their spot in line. Either to drum up demand, or to responsibly scale up their client base, the team at Orchestra working on Mailbox knew right away they had a hit on their hands when the reservations continued to pour in. So many reservations in fact, that by March 21, 2013 they had filled their 1 millionth.

I was fortunate and got in fairly early, well before the app was released, with a reservation number somewhere around 16,000. As a Gmail user who really didn’t like any existing email clients out there, I too was eagerly anticipating this application. While I appreciated the updates to the Gmail app, and Sparrow was a decent client but no longer supported, they still lacked some of the features I was looking for.  As you would expect then, I was thrilled when I was notified that my reservation was open.  Many of my friends had not gotten so lucky and were hundreds of thousands of spots back in the queue. So they waited patiently, as did thousands of others, for their number to be called.

These long lines, and a few delays in moving the queue along, started some of the masses to grumble and gripe about how long it was taking. Well grumble no more, for the good news is here from the Mailbox team that your table is ready and the app is now open to all with no waiting. The Mailbox team have officially pulled down their reservations system and are allowing people to sign up real time. Possibly helped by their recent purchase by Dropbox, they say they are now scaled up to deliver over 100 million-plus messages per day. I am quite fond of the app and highly recommend that you have a look for yourself and download right now.  Don’t wait another moment to get your inbox under control!

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