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I’m not going to bother with a load of words repeating the same break down of Apple’s announcements. Instead here are the few things from WWDC 2018 I think will make a difference for me as a teacher.

Time tracking

Most people know that teachers don’t work a 9 to 5 job. Sometimes we work over 12 hours in one day. Admittedly it’s not all face to face contact but it can be hard to manage everything. At the same time, we can feel like we work 12+ hour days but actually work a lot less. The new device use time data may well be very interesting for that.

I’d love to see Apple allow some hooks into this data for other apps in the future (a bit like how apps can tie into your health data) so I could add in my in class teaching hours or something.

Notification improvements

In recent weeks I’ve gone from being a bit skeptical about how bad notifications are, to a full blow evangelist over the need to change these settings. Thankfully, Apple has introduced some great changes at WWDC 2018.

I love the idea of being able to tap a siri shortcut once I’ve gone into a class, and then do not disturb is turned on for an hour or so. I’m not certain if its possible to set this up so it will happen without taping. If it isn’t then there’s your low hanging fruit for the next iOS Apple.

Siri Shortcuts?

I’ll be interested to see how Siri shortcuts actually turns out for most people. It looks like the sort of thing that many people will just set up with really simple settings. Things like “if I say…do this one thing” but I’m sure geeky power users will create some ridiculous things that we’ve seen in Workflow.

I already use workflow shortcuts to watermark handouts with school branding, crop images to fit into documents, make items into title case, post images to my blog (with better SEO than the WordPress app or website) and find gifs. All vital tasks for a teacher.

I wonder if your average teacher will know or even care?

Other things I’m excited about from WWDC 2018

here’s a quick list in no particular order

  • New animoji and memoji (I wanna be a Koala)
  • Siri watchface with third party intergrations
  • Podcasts on the Apple watch
  • Automatic workout starting and ending (although it’s not complete automatic)
  • Dark mode on the mac (remember the rumor that there is an iOS redesign coming… I wonder if there’s a dark mode in that too)

Despite the rumors that it would be a quiet one, it was a pretty good WWDC if you ask me. I’m sure the doommongors will be out crying that Apple is about to die but who cares about them.

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