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With the WWDC keynote now under a week away, we have decided to put together some of our WWDC wish lists. This isn’t a compete list (we decided not to include tim cook doing the robot on stage for example) but it had our top wishes.

Stable releases

iOS 7 had more release bugs than the amazon (as in the rainforest). This has given some people a negative impression of iOS and Apple that may never been repaired. Plus it’s was really annoying to have apps frequently crashing! Whatever comes, just make it stable and work. I’d rather not have a tone of new features but have something which “just works”.

Photo systems which work

Photo management is a tricky problem to fix. Backing up the important photos from your iDevice (Or Mac for that matter) and yet being able to access them wherever and whenever is a complex problem. Some third party solution have come along and tried to solve it, only to be unprofitable or acquired. It would be great to see apple set up, improve photo stream beyond it’s current limitations and create a true seemless system for the users.

Hardware release to shut (some) commentators up

The rumour mills are getting a bit crazy at the moment. Rendered pictures of the iPhone 6, iWatch and other speculative devices have been floating around. A new hardware release might help to end the rumour loop, for a while, and focus on something tangible.

Plus everyone likes new hardware.

iOS 8

lego iPhone

It would be very surprising if we don’t see a new version of iOS this year but it wouldn’t be completely unthinkable. Not much has changed over iOS 7 other than aesthetics and with the history of bugs with this release apple could hold back. However, as it is likely they will push out a new iOS here are some feature wishes.

better interapp sharing

Say what you like about android, interapp sharing is better. If you take a picture you can just hit the share button, then apply a filter in a different app before sharing to another app to add some text and finally sharing to your social media app of choice. It’s simple and easier than saving, going into the next app and searching for the image you were just working on, all of which consumes time.


Siri is a great tool but it is starting to lag behind Google now and even the new windows offering cortana . Three small changes would greatly enhance the service.

  • no need for network
  • Text input
  • API for developers

If it doesn’t require a network then it will take up more space and processing power on the device, but it is incredibly annoying to get server error messages. This could be for basic functions but it would also speed up the services to and allowing developer to connect their apps would help avoid hacks like sending tasks to Omnifocus and allow you to specify more.


Touch ID sounded stupid to me at first but now I can’t get enough of it. Enhancing the service further and adding the ability for other apps to use your fingerprint to verify (such as one password) would be a real bonus. In addition, adding some of the cool jailbreak hacks might be nice too.

actionable notifications?

getting a short easy to read message can help digest information and take action (or not) on an item. When notifications are done right by an app they will help you identify the urgent information over the non urgent and allow you to not log into the app all the time (when they are done wrong then they are just adverts).

However, wouldn’t it be great to be able to carry out quick actions without even opening the app? If you get a series of spam message, wouldn’t you love to quickly archive and delete them.

smart cross device notifications

Building on from that, it is a real pain when you are sat at your desk and your iPhone, iPad and mac all suddenly ping to let you know that you have got an email or iMessage. Introducing the ability for your other devices to know what you are working on and only send a notification to that device would be amazing and delightful. It would take a lot of technology to get it right and it could go very wrong (see no notifications at all), but it would be a great feature to see.

AirDrop to Mac

Who doesn’t want this feature! Not being able to airdrop from your iPhone or iPad to or from a Mac is just silly. There are workarounds like sending an email to yourself or similar but this is a problem which shouldn’t be present any more. Creating a single protocol for Airdrop across OS X and iOS would solve this instantly.

Os 10.10

lego mac

Let’s ignore the whole “OS 10.10 is OS 10.1” thing and focus on what we’d like to see within the new OS rather than the name it is given.

Sensible redesign

There is a real risk, with a rumoured iOS 7 inspired redesign, of taking the very worst of iOS or even more likely, taking the elements which are great for a handheld device but aren’t good for a desktop. Let’s hope that usability isn’t overlooked in light of current design trends.

Update iTunes

iTunes has changed a lot since it’s early days as a simple music library and store. Now it is a large media store with all sorts of items as well as a device manager and music player. Maybe it’s time to look at iTunes (and organising your iPhone/iPod) with fresh eyes. It’s possible that the unified iTunes is for the benefit of windows users (one app to download and a gateway into the Apple store) but it should be a pleasant and simple to use application which doesn’t overwhelm users and let’s them easily find their media.

Maybe some of Bryne’s ideas would help?


I could accept’s problems with Gmail if other email clients found it difficult to interact with Gmail’s API. But they don’t. Support for Gmail, in both receiving and sending emails, is a common feature and the major email clients have no issue with it, except My problems only started after I added two step verification to heighten my own online security yet every other email app I use has no issue with gmail, except

Just make it work Apple.

Something Amazing


People expect Apple to blow them away, often the companies biggest criticism is that it is only creating great products and not creating whole new categories of products. Just like row kid in the incredibles we’re waiting for something incredible that will blow us away in a new direction. Maybe it will be an incredible wearable, or a new home automation system that is a delight to us. It’s a lot to ask but hey, this is a wish list right.

What’s on your WWDC wishlist
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  1. Multi-user iOS. I’d love to create a separate account on my iPad so I can hand it to the kids and they can play whatever games (and it keeps track of THEIR score) and not worry about them going into email. Or a Guest feature where someone can use it to browse the Internet without seeing my bookmarks, etc.

    Swiping keyboard. Whenever I move to iOS from Android, I really really miss this feature.

    • Well, swiping keyboards (and more!) are coming but I didn’t see multi user logins…yet. There are some good parent features with the App Store in app purchases.
      Pleased or disappointed?