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[WWDC ’15 Summary] OS X – El Capitan

Apple kicked off the WWDC 2015 keynote with the latest news on OS X, now called El Capitan. Apple reported that OS X Yosemite had the fastest adoption rate of any PC operating system in history. There aren’t any major changes in El Captian but keep reading as we go through the small features and improvements of El Capitan…

Pinned Sites in Safari is basically what the name implies, you can ‘pin’ the sites you often use next to the tab bar so you can easily access them. There’s also a new option to see what site is playing audio and you can quickly mute it with a click.
El Capitan has a pretty cool feature (that really should have been there from the start), just like iOS 9’s Split-View, you can snap two apps side-by-side, letting you work on two things at the same time.

As you’d expect, El Capitan features some serious speed improvements under the hood. You’ll see better performance across the system. App switching will now be 2x faster, app launching will be 1.4x faster and opening PDFs in Preview will be an impressive 4x faster. 
Mac developers will now have access to Metal, an iOS 8 framework that will allow close-to-the-metal access to the GPU. This means faster and more efficient performance across the system, it is particularly good news for games. Some of the biggest names in games and pro apps have been using Metal for Mac to make their apps even better.
Finally, to wrap up, El Capitan is available to developers right now & a public beta will be released in July
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