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[WWDC ’15 Summary] iOS 9 – Siri

The first things mentioned about iOS 9 today was Siri, and with iOS 9 our favorite personal assistant is now more intelligent, and will work alongside iOS 9’s Spotlight, which also sees some improvements.

Faster and more accurate
Siri currently takes over 1 billion requests a week and with iOS 9 that’ll only increase, Siri is up to 40% faster and 40% more accurate on iOS 9. Siri will also come with an updated UI, the ‘wave’ along the bottom of the screen will now look like the picture above. Personally I prefer the iOS 8 look of Siri.

Thanks to ‘Proactive’, Siri is now more intelligent, this means your personal assistant will respond to your queries based on your location and time. For example if you say “Show me photos from London from last June”, Siri will pull up all photos that have ‘London’ and the ‘last June’ date in their geo-tag. Siri will also scan your emails for phone numbers and suggest Caller I.D. for numbers that aren’t in your Contacts. Since iOS 9 has security in mind, your data isn’t shared with a third-party, you’re always annonymous and everything takes place on-device.

Another cool thing Siri can do is, if you’re on a webpage in Safari, you can ask Siri to remind you to check that website later, and when Siri reminds you, you’ll be presented with the direct link to the webpage.

Im sure there are much more cool stuff you can do with Siri on iOS 9 and I guess we’ll find out more as developers get their hands on it today

What do you think of the updated Siri?

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