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[WWDC ’15 Summary] iOS 9 – Notes

In iOS 9 the Notes app has been redesigned to do so much more than just jotting down stuff. You’ll soon be able create checklists, rich text, sketches and more right within the Notes app.

A cool new feature of the Notes app in iOS 9 is the sketch feature, with it you’ll be able to draw in notes with your finger. I can see this being best used on an iPad because of its larger screen.

You’ll also be able to add content to the Notes app directly from Safari, Apple Maps and other apps via the share button on certain apps. In addition to this, you’ll be able to use your Camera to add photos, without having to ever leave the Notes app.

I use the Notes app pretty often on iOS 8 and I can’t wait to try these new features!

Notes will be available on iPhone, iPad and Mac, and with iCloud you’ll be able to create a checklist on your Mac and check off your list on your iPhone while you’re out.

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