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[WWDC ’15 Summary] Apple Pay

Apple Pay, the wireless payment system will be coming to the UK very soon, in fact it’s coming in July. With a surge in contactless card payment in the UK, it looks like Apple Pay could actually get people paying with their iPhones.

Apple Pay

Over 250,000 locations in the UK are ready to accept Apple Pay this July, including some big name merchants like Marks & Spencers, Boots, Costa, Subway, New Look and more! London commuters will also be able to pay via Apple Pay. There will also be a loyalty and rewards program soon.

Pretty much all the major UK banks are now supporting the system, including HSBC, NationWide, Santander, RBS, MasterCard, Halifax and more.

Discover will be joining Apple Pay this fall which means Apple Pay will work with all major credit networks in the US. There will also be over 1 million Apple Pay locations is the US by next month says Apple.

Passbook has now been renamed to Wallet, and rightfully so, Wallet now acts as your wallet 🙂 All your reward/loyalty cards will be stored within Wallet, as well as boarding passes, tickets and more.

Are our UK readers excited to try out Apple Pay?

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