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When you compare the design and aesthetics of the iPhone compared to some other rival smartphones it’s easy to see the iPhone comes out on top. I’ll admit that the faux leather of the note 3 is a vast improvement on the previous plastic backs of Samsung phones, but it still is no where near as clean as the iPhone and iPad’s space grey, silver and now gold (if you’re into that kind of thing). And let’s not forget the ever so slightly lumia-esq plastic of the 5c line.

But for many people this isn’t enough customization. Many of us like to put our own unique stamp or mark on our phones and more than that, we want to make sure our phones have extra protection against accidental drops. There are plenty of options out there but today I want to look at, a full customizable phone, tablet and computer case and skin provider.

Wrappz offers a variety of products from plastic cases, faux leather cases and skins as well for a wide range of devices (far too many to count).

Faux leather cases

These cases have a faux leather back and customized front cover to protect your screen. You can choose from some set designs or customize your own design using their designer tools on the website. Some cases (such as the iPad swivel case) can also allow you to put your device into a viewing position. Prices start from £18.95


A skin is a vinyl sticker that allows you to place a customized cover over the top of your phone. It won’t add any extra protection, but it doesn’t add any extra bulk either. It’s also slightly cheaper starting at £7.99 [continue to the end of the post for detail on how you can get a free custom skin]


An case offers extra protection to the back of the screen but not really to the front. It does wrap round the front and so the phone will probably land on the cover instead of the screen but it is unlikely to absorb much of the fall and certainly won’t stop objects rubbing against it in your pocket. There are cut outs on the side and for the camera keeping the easy access to the hardware buttons and not obstructing your camera view. Prices start from £18.97

Creating a custom design

Customising a design is easy thanks to the on site designer. I ordered an outer case (in the interest of full disclosure, this was provided in exchange for the review) and found the experience to be enjoyable even though I don’t normally like custom cases or cases with fancy graphics (I’m more of a simple minimalist persuasion) Wrappz won me over.

wrappz 4
I first tried exploring the site on my iPad and it worked fine in portrait, but not in landscape. It even allowed me to access the customizer. However, due to the custom graphics I wanted to include I loaded up my laptop. I decided to make a themed iPhoned 5s case and started to experiment by inserting different graphics and changing the sizes of the images.

wrappz one

Using jpgs and png files was easy though SVG graphics couldn’t be loaded up (I hear other vector images can though). After experimenting with different images I came up with a couple of ideas that I liked and eventually settled on my design. (see below)

2013-11-20 15.56.322013-11-20 15.56.55-1

I filled in the forms and just under a week later the case arrived at my flat along with instillation instructions and some gift certificates for future purchases.

Get a free skin

As part of the deal we agreed with Wrappz you can get a free skin for your phone. You still need to pay for the shipping but the cost of the sticker is fully covered. All you need to do is make your custom design (or choose a predesigned one) from, proceed to the check out and enter the voucher code freeskin and the price of the skin will be taken off.

Send us an image of your phone in it’s custom skin.

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