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Have you every run out of battery on the go? It’s happened to me only once or twice and I’m sure you can relate to my pain and annoyance. As bad as running out of battery power is, thankfully it hasn’t been a daily event for me. The greater issue is the need to adopt unnatural phone use habits to save battery power and insure I don’t run out incase I need some later. In some cases this basically makes my Phone unusable and I basically have to turn it off. Not an ideal solution really.

In light of these issues I picked up an external battery last year to insure I wasn’t caught short on the go. So far it’s done a pretty good job of keeping me fully charged on my iPhone and iPad. I can now use them normally on the go and not worry about running out of juice. However, there is still one item in my set that wasn’t covered. My Macbook.

Is 8 hours not enough?

Don’t get me wrong the amazing 10 hour or so battery life is great for day to day use and means that I don’t have to adapt my habits if I leave my charger back at home, I can just use it as I would normally. However, If I go traveling then I know I’m probably going to run out of charge at some point so I don’t bother to take the Macbook. Until now this was the end of the conversation. You could only get your standard charge or have to luge a huge battery with you but the BatteryBox is looking to shake things up.

The BatteryBox aims to give your Macbook extra life as a backup battery. Unlike other macbook aimed backup batteries it comes in at 250gm or 8.81 oz and is just larger than a credit card (but quite a bit thicker). Hardly a rock in your bag and definitely worth it for the extra connivence.
However, the batteryBox isn’t limited to charging just MacBooks, it can also charge an iPhone or iPad up to 8 times. Great if you are traveling for a longer period of time and important as you don’t want to be carting two of these things around.


BatteryOS stands out from the crowd

But that’s not where the BatteryBox really stands out, the BatteryBox uses some cleaver software magic to help it complete more full charge cycles, hold more power and degreed less over time. All smart stuff to help you get more from your macbook.

The BatteryBox is due to arrive in August however if you are already sold, you can pre order a copy now. Personally i’m waiting to see this in action before I plop my cash.

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