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Why You Should Install iOS 7

I have read a lot of articles lately telling you to stay away from iOS 7. “Your not a developer and iOS 7 is NOT ready for your iDevice”. Blah blah blah.
While the majority of these articles make sense, some even have completely wrong data and skewed arguments. So careful what you read and how you take it in. Just because someone says no (or yes in this case) doesn’t mean you have to make a choice one way or the other.

I do get it though, I really do, but at the same time, who are you (the folks writing these articles) to say what we can and can’t do.

Lets start with the big caveat everyone is throwing out there: iOS 7 is a beta product. It is a test build of a product not yet ready for prime-time.

If you are not aware of this by now I would probably steer clear of iOS 7.

As an aside, this article is not condoning any illegal behavior. I am simply recommending that you grab a developer account for 99 bucks and enjoy the iOS 7 beta that Apple has made for us all.

Please go for it. Especially if you aren’t a developer. Yes I said if you AREN’T a developer.


It’s simple, developers are doing one thing, developing. They are making sure their own products work within the ecosystem iOS 6 and iOS 7. They aren’t working with other apps, they aren’t sending a ton of text messages nor trying out exchange settings etc.

Apple needs you to give them the bugs you find because developers may not find them. If developers were honestly the only folks who used a beta product before launch, it would suck. This is not a jab at developers but at the small amount of testing they may do outside of their apps.

We all, everyone who will use iOS 7 on launch in the fall, need folks who use blue tooth a lot, who use external headphones, testing of MMS, of iMessage, all of the settings under accessibility. Even those of you out there who have keyboard shortcuts, set them up and make sure they work.

I am well aware that Apple has an amazing QA team but as with all teams that are internal, they miss things, they skip settings as if no one uses them. We must make up the small leftover percentage not covered by devs or QA teams.

Install iOS 7 as soon as you can, use it, use it well and make sure you report any bugs you have seen. I have reported a number already.

Just know, that yours apps may not work well, that the battery may drain quicker, and some of the functions you are used to using may not be there any longer. THIS IS A BETA! Be okay with that.

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