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Why I Upgraded to the iPad Mini

She didn’t have to do what she did, but she did anyways. When married, you pick your battles. This past Valentine’s Day, my wife gave me an iPad Mini. I told her “Thank you” a dozen times over. I hoped that the flowers, card, and small items of affection I’d gotten her were enough, but how could they beat an iPad Mini? The cost comparison was laughable. But, she’s kind and generous like that.
From that fortunate series of events, you could surmise that I was forced to upgrade, but my wife knew that I’d been talking about getting an iPad Mini for months. As the owner of a cracked though still completely functional iPad 3, I was content with what I had. I could patiently wait until the next “innovative and amazing” large iPad was released, you know, the one that will have holographic capabilities and the ability to 3D print iPad Minis. (Isn’t that how The Matrix begins?)

It’s far too obvious, but I wanted to upgrade to the iPad Mini for its size. I mostly use my iPad as an e-reader. While I appreciate the larger screen real estate of the original iPad, the weight of it gets tiresome quickly. You wind up trying to find some way to rest your iPad on a nearby table, or your dog. Neither are good options for lengthy reading. Once I’d spent a week using the iPad Mini as my main tablet, I was sold. The weight and size of it, .68 pounds and 7.87 inches by 5.3 inches to be precise, seemed perfect. I could fall into a good book without my hand wanting to fall off my wrist.

The iPad Mini’s size also results in imminent portability. While I haven’t (yet) started to shove it into my back pocket every day, it does most of its hibernation in my backpack. The battery life, at least for my purposes, is stellar. The processor speed difference between my iPad 3 and iPad Mini is noticeably faster on the Mini. The only drawback, and a minor one to me, is its lack of a retina display. Rumors abound that this will be fixed when the iPad Mini 2 likely drops sometime this year.

The iPad Mini may be the perfect size, despite Steve Jobs’ vehement opposition to a 7-inch iPad. Apparently millions agree. According to Mashable, Apple has cut their orders for original iPads by 12 million, placing their bets on the iPad Mini to outsell its larger ancestor. Apple’s latest projections have them selling 33 million original iPads vs. 55 million iPad Minis. The inevitable question must be asked: Will Apple even continue making the original iPad? Aside from use in special case instances (hospitals, universities, etc.), the original iPad may become a relic faster than the original iPod.

Have you upgraded to the iPad Mini? If so, why? If not, why not? Do you think the iPad Mini is the perfect tablet?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some flowers to buy.

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  1. Congrats on the iPad Mini. It’s a great device, but I hardly thing it’s an “upgrade”. The only benefit the Mini has over the Retina iPad 3 (which I have) is the weight. Reading is worse on it (text is choppy), using it to type on landscape on a table is not the best. The benefit is that It is highly portable and that is a huge advantage.
    The iPad mini is a great device. Almost the perfect device, but the screen kills it for me. I cannot read on a non-retina screen. Call me spoiled, but I just can’t.

    With that said, I realize that people are happy with the mini. And I actually tell people to buy the mini over the Retina iPad. But if you are coming from a Retina iPad, it’s a downgrade, not an upgrade…. to me of course! 🙂