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A year ago I was given some money at Christmas time by relatives and I knew immediately what I would spend it on. AirPods. As I wrote at the time, I loved the feel of EarPods and had regularly bought new pairs to replace more expensive headphones which just didn’t feel as good. The main issues I faced with EarPods (such as the connectors dying and horrible cable) promised to be erased with AirPods. Now a year later and I decided to buy a pair of Beats X headphones…but why? Well it’s pretty simple really.

AirPods aren’t great for exercise

A month before christmas I started a new health routine revolving around using Fitbit coach workouts and listening to podcasts at the same time. This was a change from my old workout habit of working out in silence (or with the background music of the workout app) but was very motivating as I had a habit of listening to podcasts anyway and doing both things at once meant that it didn’t feel like I was “losing” time for my regained workout routine. The only issue, AirPods aren’t great for working out.

No I’m not talking about the fit of the headphones, though that is a bit of a factor, unfortunately they are not sweat proof. As such, some people have reported issues occurring over time as they worked out with AirPods. This had lead to some writers dreaming of a pair of “AirPod sports”. As I continued my workout habit, I was increasingly worried about destroying my AirPods. So I needed a solution.

Why choose Beats X

I started researching some options for sports headphones. I wanted wireless ones as that feature seems much more important for working out, and I wanted decent audio quality. I also wanted ones that would last.

As I started investigating it quickly became apparent that there were either cheap options or expensive options. The cheap options seemed of dubious quality and the expensive ones were all basically the same price as Beats X. At that point it was a fairly easy choice to go for the Beats X as I knew they’d have the same great W1 chip that makes them so easy to pair and use across devices.

How I use my Beats X and AirPods now

Now my AirPods are still my main headphones of use, especially for podcasts and when using a computer in a noisy environment at work. This is because they don’t completely block out noise so if someone needs to speak to me, they still can get my attention. The BeatsX are almost exclusively for working out and occasionally for listening to music (they do block out environmental noise even better which I feel is a little less safe when out and about). It’s very easy to switch between headphones and devices.

Do you use beatsX AND AirPods as well?

Let me know how and why you use yours.

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