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Why Has Adsense & Analytics Been Shafted By Google On iOS?

Recently the iOS world has been inundated with great apps from Google. I know pretty crazy right. The Gmail app, the Google+, Hangouts and even the Maps apps are all great apps.
But something is missing, actually two things. Adsense and Analytcis. Both of these offerings for webmaster, such as myself at Macdaily, are gaping wholes in an everyday battle to read and dissect that data.

Adsense can be done via a mobile, site as can Analytics, but sometimes you need a bit more. Outside of the beloved we haven’t seen an increase in solid web apps for iOS.

Maybe it’s time.

Google needs to offer up their services to iOS users, such as myself, so we can get the data that Google runs on. I need my  page views, I need my clicks, I need who is running IE6 still so I can hunt them down and smack some sense into them.

Don’t get me wrong there are some solid offerings for iOS when it comes to these BUT it’s hard to get the real feel for Analytics and Adsense one would hope directly from Google.

For Analytics the offerings are a bit slim on quality, but a few that stick out are below:

1. Analytics App: This little app has been on and off my iPhone for ages. I actually was a beta tester for it a very long time ago. It does it’s job well but it is sometimes overwhelming with all the data you get from it.

The data and how it is displayed is very similar to that of the Google webpage, but on your iPhone. From recent visitors, depth of visits, browser versions, OS version, connection speed and more, this little app gives you ALL the data you need.

So whether you want it or not, Analytics App is the app for you if you are a data geek. I recommend this app even if you aren’t.

2. Fast Analytics: This is a newer app for my home screen, but it has it’s place due to the simplicity of it all. When you first login you are presented with a pane cut into 6 sections. Visits, %Unique, Page Views, Bounce Rate, Av. Page Views/Visit and Av. Seconds On Site.

That is really all you need. A high level dashboard, done in a nice blue, showing you want you want to know is a well designed way.

At the bottom of the app you have lots of different options at your disposal to really dig into the data further.

The design is better than the Analytics App, but the data is not as all-encompassing for sure.

3. Analytiks: This is a wonderfully made and designed app. You are first presented with a question. “Which iPhone are you?” Black or White. Dependant upon which you choose (which you can always change later) you are presented with an eye-popping high level dashboard of your data.

Page views, This Month in review, is all that graces the front screen. Once you click on the small “graphical” icon in the upper right, you are presented with a lot more data.

Demographics, Top Browsers, Desktop vs Mobile, PC vs Mac, Time on Site, Organic vs Other, New vs Returning, Referrals, Bounce Rate and iOS vs Mobile.

The use of color and a simple design makes this app my default go to. I keep Analytics App and Analytiks on my iPhone 5 at all times, hiding in a folder for whenever I have a hankering for data!

Analytiks App

For Adsense the offerings are far and few between. There are apps that are 8.99 and a large number that are free. But for the most part, most of them haven’t been updated in a long while. I have gone through a large chunk to pull out the ones possibly worth it to the webmaster in you.

1. myRevenue: Like Fast Analytics above, this iOS app delivers on a grid. Today, Yesterday, this Month, and Last Month are highlighted for you to see exactly what you care about, money!

It even gives you a lifetime revenue for your Adsense account.

You have a few statistical reports that you can hit up based upon dates but overall this is meant to be a high level app, delivering exactly what you want to know. How much money did I make today?

2. SenseEarn: Sense Earn delivers on the more organic look of Google but overall fails in that it only delivers a thirty thousand foot level data set. Outside of today’s and yesterdays numbers you really aren’t given much else to find out about patterns, highs and lows etc.

I have since gotten rid of SenseEarn, but if simple is as simple does, you may want to grab this little app.

  1. QuickAdSense: A more expensive app (3.99) this delivers data in a very simple yet elegant way. Set on a “wood panel” background and highlighted with greens, you get the sense they are trying to tell you something. Money is green right?!?

You see a front page with what you need to know about today along with buttons along the bottom of the app for Today, Yesterday, this Month, Last Month and Custom.

Towards the upper left corner, as seen in many Google apps, is a drop down button that opens up a world of advanced reports. Anything you want to know about the days of the weeks, the ad unit size, buyer network and more is available.

myRevenue App

Due in large to simplicity and the rate at which I check my Adsense, I will stick with myRevenue as it delivers what I need, a shorter but to the point look at my money.

Google I am sure is working on this problem, it’s just when will it hit our beloved iDevices?

Hit up our Google+ Community or grab us on Twitter to continue talking about why Google is giving the shaft to the webmaster in all of us!

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