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Over the weekend I was looking to add a bit more to my smart home set up. For the most part, my home set up is hue smartlight bulbs which I’ve had some ups and downs with (returning two sets due to lights randomly stopping working). We’ve also used an old iPad as a homekit base and for playing audio and podcasts and the turntouch to control everything.

While the lights have been acceptable, audio has been a greater area of issue. And that’s why I caught the verge video on setting up a smart home for under $200.

They highlighted how the google home mini and chromecast were a great set up. For under a hundred bucks you get a small smart speaker AND you can hook up to some old speakers and play music through there.

Now I’m sure the homepod would provide better audio but the price. Plus we have these lovely speakers here connected to an old stereo. If there was something similar to the chromecast but it works with homekit and airplay 2…well I’m still looking.

Airplay 2 speakers

There are a variety of Airplay 2 speakers out there of varying price and quality, but I am still looking for something which plugs in to an aux port.

This would let me use my phone, watch or tablet to trigger audio playback.

now there are options,

  • get a separate speaker
  • get an old airport express (but it’s unclear if it does or doesn’t support airplay 2)
  • get a raspberry pi and set it up for airplay 2 support
  • get an apple TV and send the audio to the speakers

there are pros and cons to each one so there’s no clear replacement option compared to the simplicity of the chromecast.

Now there’s a good chance that there is something out there that is like this and I’d be happy to hear about it. But for now, I’m not sure what the clear answer is for me.

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