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WhatsApp Web slowly rolls out to iPhone users

You may remember that WhatsApp introduced its web app in January 2015, but it was only available on certain devices, such as Androids, Windows phones, and BlackBerry’s, iPhone users were left out due to Apple limitatins, today that has changed, WhatsApp Web officially supports iPhones!

For those of you that don’t know, WhatsApp Web allows users to effectively mirror their WhatsApp conversations to their desktop browser, so you can reply and compose messages without touching your device. It should also be noted that your iPhone must still be connected to the internet to beam their messages to their browser.

The service is slowly rolling out to iPhone users so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see it at first, I havent seen it shown up on my device personally but the WhatsApp Web now lists iPhone as a supported device.

How to use WhatsApp Web?
1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone
2. Tap Settings along the bottom navigation bar
3. Select the new WhatsApp Web option
4. Tap ‘Scan QR Code’ to scan your unique QR code found on WhatsApp Web

The WhatsApp Web site states you need to have the latest version of WhatsApp installed and I’m guessing we’ll see an update to the iOS app sometime this week.

Have you been waiting for WhatsApp Web to come to iPhones?

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