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What to expect from Apple’s event on March 21

Here’s what we’re expecting Apple to announce at their special event on March 21, “Let us loop you in”…

What we’re expecting

iPhone SE

If reports are to believed, Apple will announce a new 4-inch iPhone, called the iPhone SE. The ‘SE’ supposedly stands for ‘special edition’, if true, this will be the first iPhone upgrade without a number in its name. Set to replace the iPhone 5s, the ‘SE’ will borrow some design features from the iPhone 6, with possible curved edges, the ‘SE’ is also expected to sport Apple’s A9 & M9 processors allowing an ‘always-on’ Siri, as well as an NFC chip for Apple Pay. Rumors are that the iPhone ‘SE’ will be able to take and view Live Photos, just like the latest iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, but won’t have 3D Touch.

iPad Air 3

Apple is also expected to unveil an upgrade to the two year old iPad Air 2. While the iPad Air 2 has withstood the test of time, meaning it is still a very capable device in 2016, it even blows some of the competition out of the water, consumers want the latest technology in their devices. DigiTimes reported that the iPad Air 3 is expected to have a 4K display, that’s almost four times the pixels of the iPad Air 2 and 4GB of RAM. In addition to this, the iPad Air 3 may have a Smart Connector, which is found on the Apple’s 12.9 inch iPad Pro, bringing support for Apple accessories, such as the Smart Keyboard and the Apple Pencil. Basically, we’re expecting to get the 12.9inch iPad Pro in a smaller 9.7inch package.

Apple Watch

While we probably won’t get an Apple Watch 2 on March 21, Apple is set to reveal some new Apple Watch Sport Bands, which are expected to be sold separately and as whole Apple Watch unit package. Apple will probably save the Apple Watch 2 announcement for their bigger event, usually in September.


iOS 9.3 – iOS 9.3 will be available to the public alongside the release of the iPhone ‘SE’. One of the flagship features of this firmware is the introduction of Night Shift, which basically changes the color temperature of your screen to reduce eye strain when using your device in the evening. Other changes include, Touch I.D. to protect your Notes, Wi-Fi calling on Verizon, new CarPlay features and more.

tvOS 9.2 – Currently in beta and is set to be released to everyone on March 21. Improvements include Voice Dictation input for search and username/passwords, support for iCloud Photo Library, Bluetooth keyboards and Siri enhancements.

OS X 10.11.4 – Like iOS 9.3, this update will include support for password protected Notes, other changes include improved support for Live Photos in the Messages and Photos apps.

watchOS 2.2 – The 2.2 update includes support for pairing multiple watches to a single iPhone and improvements to the Maps app and more.

iTunes – Eddie Cue recently hinted that an update to iTunes is in the works, which means we may see it on March 21. While it isn’t expected to be a major update, it will probably have minor interface changes with greater Apple Music integration and many bug fixes.

What are you most excited to see at the event?

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