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What is the Future of Reeder

As someone who has sparingly used RSS feed readers, I have recently decided that the list of blogs that I read is growing and it was finally time to commit to a an app to connect to my oft ignored Google Reader account. Of course my timing was perfect as just after I start using my Reeder app for my iPhone and mac, Google puts the big kibosh on their Google Reader as part of the continuing “Spring Cleaning” as they have dubbed it. With that, I immediately had concerns about what that would do to my favorite RSS app Reeder.

The world seemed to be moving to Feedly as their RSS feed management of choice. So much so that since the announcement by Google about the offing of Google Reader, Feedly has taken on over 3 million “Reader Refugees” as they call them. I happen to be one of those refugees, and while I don’t necessarily mind the Feedly web interface too much, I want to use Reeder’s native app on all of my devices.

So today, I happened to send an email to Reeder’s developer asking what the plans were going forward for those of us in the refugee camp. Surely it was the motivating factor behind the official post that went out just a short time later (Smell the sarcasm):


The post then goes on to say that Reeder for iPhone already supports other services besides Google Reader (Fever and Readability), and they are working on connectivity with Feedbin. Other expected features for the soon to be released 3.1 iPhone version will most likely include standalonelocal RSS support. Just as importantly are the plans for the Mac and iPad versions to add all of the same features that are in the iPhone release.

At the end of the day it sounds like they are working to make some major enhancements to the Reeder family of apps, but time will tell the fate of the app. In the meantime, one bright spot that lowers your risk of using the apps as they are making the Mac and iPad versions free until they are brought up to speed with the iPhone version.  What do you think the fate of Reeder will be?

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  1. There will be no fate but more of an explosion in use if you ask me. People need a solid app for all Mac related devices. I am not worried about @Reederapp specifically going anywhere, and to that same stament, RSS for that matter.
    It will be around as long as Twitter is set to 140 characters!

  2. It certainly sounds like Reeder will live on if you ask the developer, the real question is will they be able to keep customers or will people flips out about the magazine style Feedly enough to stick with their clunky client. We shall see.