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I have gone on record in the past (The Tech Tailor Podcast Episode 12) saying that Control Center, the newly functional iOS 7 addition, was worthless.

Who honestly cares about it? Do you use airplane mode that often that this is a win win? What about the flashlight? Oh I know, you lock portrait mode all the time don’t you?

You don’t?

Today I am going on record to apologize for my past statements. I currently use control center almost everyday. Due to an adventure of a vacation, coming home with a new VW Jetta Wagon for the family, Control Center is a must have for anyone with a smart car.

My new VW has built in voice recognition and allows connection via Bluetooth to play any and all songs on my iPhone. Super cool! But without Control Center, Bluetooth is a pain in the arse to turn off, thus draining our beloved battery even faster!

With the now loved introduction of Control Center into iOS 7, the ease of turning Bluetooth on and off for use solely in my car, it’s a must have. I am loving the ease that it introduces.

But now I want more, I want more out of it. Bluetooth and the ease of getting to certain aspects of the OS quicker is great but overall it’s in need of more.

What I would love to see from Control Center is that it would be more “app” specific. If I am in Music, I want Control Center to have music specific options. Options such as sharing a track with friends, scrolling lyrics, iTunes store link, even possibly the top 10 albums on iTunes.

When I am in Mail I want the same. If Mail was open, I would want to be able to quickly switch between my 4 accounts, attach documents, images, videos and more, right from Control Center.

This is an idea seen on Android, BUT with all things Apple, this will be more personal, more specific. Well designed, well executed. This is not just a menu but a more specific Control Center per app.

For now I am happy being able to turn on and off my Bluetooth faster than in iOS 6 but I look forward to the possible options (or jailbreaks) that may build off of it.

Apple has taken their time in bring to iOS features we all love, but in their own time. I am okay waiting a bit longer for functionality that I know will be done well and thought through.

What say you? Let me know in the comments what else you would like to see in Control Center.

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