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What I want to see in iOS 7: Messages

When Apple introduced an updated Messages app with built-in iMessage support there was much rejoicing. We spent significant time sending millions and millions of messages to those who also owned an iOS device. In the process, we canceled or downgraded our text messaging plans and decided to rely heavily on Apple’s offering. As great as this has been, I want Messages to evolve into something more powerful and efficient.


I want to see avatars of the person I’m communicating with. There have been plenty of times where I sent a reply to the wrong recipient because there was another message that had come in during my communication with someone else. Avatars will avoid this since their photo and/or icon will be visible on each message they send.

Leave a group chat

I often get family messages with a cute picture of my niece and/or family member. This is great and one of the highlights of keeping in touch with family. But often, family members start replying and having a conversation that I no longer want to be a part of. It would be great if there was a “leave conversation” setting that will allow me to do just that.

Reply out of the app

When a notification comes in, you have to get back in the app to continue the conversation. It would be great if there was an option where you can reply directly from notification center without having to get out of what you’re doing and back in the app.

Links to settings/apps

I do a lot of iOS support via messages. People ask me questions on how to look for things. It would be great that instead of having to take a screen capture and write settings/general/about (or other paths) I could just tap and hold on the setting and/or info and I could copy it on an iMessage so that when they get it, all they have to do is click on that link and it goes to these settings. It would also be great to have that feature for iOS default apps.

A new design

Shiny bubbles are getting a bit old. This is, of course, subjective, but I would like to see a redesign of the app. I really like the design of Twitterrific and wold love to see something like this. Where instead of having different color bubbles, the text color would be different instead. Swipe gestures would also be a part of the overall design shift and ability to “star” or “favorite” messages so when someone sends you a recommendation, you can always refer to it later. I would also love to see support for additional fonts, maybe something like Avenir which would look great on iOS.

iMessages has become a key part of iOS. One that most people rely on day in and day out. It’s good today, but it can always be better. Only Apple knows what they have cooking, but soon enough we’ll find out. I just hope that some of these features make it to iOS 7 so that my messaging fingers and eyes can be very, very happy.

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