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What I want to see in iOS 7: Data

When it comes to iOS I am a simple man really. I utilize only a hand full of apps each day but I use them well, extensively, and I expect a lot out of them.
On each impending update to iOS, from the early days up until iOS 7 is announced, I get figity with my iDevices. I look deep within my workflows to see how each can be quickened, polished or even turned upside down to make it better. Faster.

With iOS 7 what I want is pretty simple. I want Apple to open up their API to be able to coordinate and share with more apps, from within their apps along with all 3rd party apps as well.

Today I saw a great idea, well done but a company that is pushing things a bit. Dispatch is an email client that I hope one day soon would be moot due to the way in which we interact with the default mail client.

What Dispatch does differently right now is allow us, the users of iOS, to really share and move data back and forth effortlessly between apps. Email to Evernote, to Things and back in the push of a button. A tap of an image.

That is what I want. I want the ability to interact completely and seamlessly between apps. Share back and forth without having to save off, or send it to myself, or even pause. I want it there and fast!

Why you ask, well because I deserve it!

I work hard, I refine my processes on a weekly basis. I rid myself of extra and live me life as a minimalist the best I can. My iDevices prove this theory well with only one home screen of icons, clutter is my enemy. Less is more.

Except when I want to trade information, store information, or pass it between modules, apps, workflows. I should be able to do this, I need to be able to do this!

Watch what Dispatch is able to do in terms of switching between apps, sharing to other apps, in a simple yet fantastic way.

I am excited to see if iOS 7 offers up an alternative to this. A different way to share ideas, brainstorm and gather data to the places I want them most.

After using PopClip for just a few short days on the Macbook Air, I have realized how powerful it really is. From work email to Evernote. From Evernote to Gmail. It flows, it works, it’s easy.

I want iOS 7 to open it’s doors to others. To allow for a cross platform sharing mechanism that allows cleaner, smoother sharing of data (my data!) between the apps I use most.

I would love to be able to save emails to Evernote in a tap or two, save emails to Things and automagically create a to’do list item. In the return, I want to see the ability of the default mail app to be shared to from other apps.

While I am asking for Apple to open it’s doors, I want it open both ways, in and out!

iOS 7 needs to allow me to share from an app to an app, no matter who owns it or created it. Apple Mail to Evernote, from Things to Apple Calendar. I want it both ways.

The ask is truly not much as seen by the limited ability already available to use today on iOS 6. It’s just Apple waiting for the right moment to wow us with what iOS can really do.

When you have your iDevice on and in your hand, what do you wish it could do? How would you interact with it differently if you truly could do what you wanted on it?

Head on over to Google+ or Twitter and let us know what you want in iOS 7. I cannot wait, I will have the beta on my iPhone 5 by end of next week! Or whenever we developers get a chance at it!

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