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What Are The Best iPhone Cases?

iPhone cases can be practical, absurd, cheap, or ridiculously expensive. Some people prefer the soft feel of quality leather, others are fine with a bit of plastic, some require durable cases that can suffer a fall from a skyscraper, and still others (like most of my cohorts at prefer their iPhones naked.
“What’s the best iPhone case?” is a wholly subjective question, especially considering there’s likely 10,456 different cases currently on the market. If I were shopping today for an iPhone case, here are five I’d be choosing from.

DODOcase’s BOOKback


When my wife recently gifted me with an iPad Mini, I bought the DODOcase Classic for iPad Mini. For me, it was a perfect fit of form, style, and function. Consequently, I’d give DODOcase another look if I was in the market for a new iPhone case. While they offer the Durables Wallet iPhone case for $49.95 (shown on the right), it’s the BOOKback that looks intriguing, especially if you’re one who seeks to keep a sleek profile for your phone. At only $9.95, it’s an inexpensive case made from “Moroccan book fabric.” The case uses “a reusable, peel and stick adhesive to create a second skin” on the phone. If you’re looking for protection that hardly adds weight or girth to your phone, try the BOOKback.

PureGear’s aMAZEing


Introduced at CES 2013, this case isn’t even available to buy yet. But, I mean, c’mon. Look at it. It’s an analog game built onto one of the world’s most popular digital gaming platforms. Who thinks up these things? Also, who needs extended battery life when you’re (literally) rocking this case? In addition to the aMAZEing iPhone case seen above, PureGear’s releasing Groovy, featuring a maze of concentric circles, and Undecided, with a Plinko-style design.

Trident’s Kraken A.M.S. Case

Kraken AMS Case

Maybe you’d like something ruggedized that isn’t an Otterbox behemoth. Trident’s silicone and hardened polycarbonate plastic case purports to meet “Military Standard MIL-STD-810F for vibration, dust, sand, rain, and drop.” I’m not entirely sure what that means, but it sounds legit. The case includes a removable kickstand on the backside. And, if you’d like to go back to the heyday of the late 90s, it also comes with a belt clip/holster. At $49.95, its price is comparable to Otterbox’s and other ruggedized cases.

GelaSkins’ HardCase


GelaSkins recently introduced a hardcase to their line of scratch-resistant second-skin cases. Featuring nearly 100 designs from international artists, or the option to create your own design, GelaSkins appears like the perfect option for the design aficionado. Starving artist types will appreciate the cost too: GelaSkins’ vinyl decals are $14.95, while their new hard cases are $34.95. Best of all, both products allow you to choose from custom or stock images at no extra charge. Coupled with the option to download the case artwork as your wallpaper, GelaSkins provides one of the few ways to integrate your case design into the phone itself.

TwelveSouth’s BookBook


This is what I currently own and love. Since discovering TwelveSouth, the makers of the BookBook iPhone case and iPad case, I’ve been an ardent fan of their products, salivating over their designs and conjuring at least 18 reasons why I absolutely need to buy any of their products, even if it wouldn’t be wholly practical for me to do so. The BookBook doubles as a wallet, and while you’ll never be able to reach Costanza-like wallet epicness with this leather case, I absolutely love the fact that I can carry one item that both protects my phone and my funds. The case is often a conversation starter as well, either by people who’ve never seen a case like it before, or by those who own the same case. The only drawback, in my opinion, is that you can’t carry a large amount of cash in the wallet. However, this is seldom a problem for me. At $59.95, it’s the most expensive option I’ve listed here, but so worth it.

As my introduction said, ascertaining the best iPhone case is a highly subjective matter. Tell us what you use, whether you’d buy any of the iPhone cases above, or if you prefer to keep your phone in its birthday suit.


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  1. Hi Blake!
    We’re honored to make your list – thank you!

    Just wanted to let you know that our Retro Game Cases are available now:

    AND we have a Retro Game Case Giveaway going on now through our Facebook page – we’re giving away one Retro Game Case per day through May 13th. Simply vote for your favorite (Amazing, Groovy, or Undecided) for a chance to win.

    Thanks again!

  2. I looked at the DoDo case when I purchased my iPad, then found the Portenzo case and purchased that instead. But for my “Nekked” iPhone I may actually consider one of those rad Pure Gear game covers. Hmmm….

  3. I got a book book case for my iphone about 18 months ago and it fell apart at the seams in about 3 months.
    unfortunately, because it was the coolest thing ever and all that saw it envied me. 🙂

    I have seen the new versions of the book book case and they seem more sturdy–but unfortunately 12South lost me with that one.

    • Sorry to hear that David. I think I’ve had mine for a year, and there’s definitely some wear on the seams, but it’s holding together well for me so far. I’m going to guess that you just tried to make it a Costanza wallet. 🙂