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Welcome to IPad Guild

Welcome to iPad Guild, a new site for people who love using their iPads to get things done and create something new.

Ideas aren’t really worth anything. It’s so easy to have an idea, I’m sure you’ve had a few ideas recently yourself. But how many ideas that you’ve had, have lead to anything? I know I’m guilty of this despite our current generation, almost without exception, having access to the tools they need to create something amazing. The Mac and iPad now include the iWork suit as well as tools like GarageBand for free, providing you with the tools to make an ebook, online course, or music. But many of us don’t.
That’s the point of this site, it’s a challenge to myself to not just have ideas but to put them into action. But to make it a bit more interesting, I’m going to do this all with the iPad.

Why use the iPad?

I Love the iPad. My first (and so far only) iPad was the iPad Air (64GB) when it came out in 2013 I had been convinced by Patrick Rhone and Myke Hurley to get one. I went and picked up one up on the very first day (pretty much as soon as the store opened.) That’s not to say it’s all been smooth sailing as there have been issues with iOS over that time. The iPad has been very difficult to use at moments for some very simple web based tasks (WordPress gets better all the time and yet sometimes a developer makes something which is just not designed for someone to use with a touch interface. I’m looking at you annoying page builder plugin.)

However, **the iPad continues to delight me**. The portability and easy of use in a classroom, or when writing on the go make me want to use this device more. Some tasks aren’t as easy, but some tasks are far more easy on the iPad and in general it is just much nicer to pull, push and poke away at an interface.
I know some people might think I should use a Microsoft Surface as they have all the power of a desktop and interface. Certainly the surface and similar Windows machines are great portable laptops, they aren’t tablets. Their interfaces are a pain to use with touch and clearly desire a mouse. Unlike the iPad, they don’t delight me.

The creative and hard work will be tougher than technical issues

I’m sure there will be some technical issues but in general, the hard work and creativity is going to be the bigger obstacle. However, I hope that by doing these challenges, I’ll encourage other people to give them ago or to try their own creative endeavors and to do more with their iPad. At the same time I’m sure people will learn of some great tools to help them do more with their iPads too.

I’m also going to include tutorials, how to guides, app reviews and more.

I hope you’ll follow a long and if you’d like to stay up to date with everything I do, subscribe below. You’ll get a free PDF report with 18 must have iPad apps and weekly updates from the blog.

Thanks for dropping by.

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