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Matt Snider is a pretty hardcore advocate for restricting yourself to just one homescreen. It certainly makes it quicker to navigate if you have everything on only one screen (though with folders I do debate if it is really “one” screen).

Over the last few weeks of writing reviews and installing apps I’ve noticed that my iPhone has gone from nice and neatly organised into a bit of a cluttered mess! So I thought I’d challenge myself (and you if you’re up to it) to get your iPhone or iPad down to only one homescreen by the end of the weekend. (though as you’ll see later, you might want to limit this to one device for now and do the other one later.)

Here are the three tricks you’re going to need to help you do this.

  1. Folders
  2. Delete apps
  3. Move apps to another device.

Let’s look at them in a bit more detail


Folders are best used when you group apps that are of a similar theme or you use at the same time. So “Type of App” or “Context of use”. For example I keep my photo apps together because I will often use them together and use them for the same thing. However, I also keep all my “consumption” apps (like feed wrangler, podcasts, pocket etc) together as well as they are all around the same context or mindset.

Delete Apps

If you have fewer apps, you take up less space. You’ve probably already done some of this if you did our new year app clear out but this is the time to really take the knife to the device. There are reasons to keep apps on that you rarely use and it might be worth getting rid of apps you use a lot but be cruel here.

Move Apps To Another Device

This is slightly cheating and in a way is really just deleting but if you have a second device like an iPad or Mac then it might be a better idea to save certain tasks for that device rather than doing them on your iPhone. By moving them to another device you can still keep them but use them in a better context on a better device and still keep your device streamlined. This is especially true if you only need them occasionally.

One More Thing

A little tip for accessing apps quicker that are hidden away in folders is to use Launchpad to quickly get into whatever app you need via some simple guestures.

Once you’ve done the challenge then send us a tweet with your homescreen screenshot.

Below is mine, I’m going to spend a little more time clearing it out but it’s certainly an improvement on how it was before.
Chris W's Homescreen

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