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Hey everyone this is a new idea I’m trying out, a weekly roundup of all the best apple stories from the course of the week. I don’t promise you i’ll do this forever but i’m going to try it at least for the next month. So every Sunday you’ll get a little update of the top stories over the last week. Feel free to tweet us (@macdailyco) any great stories you find and they may enter out weekly roundup. Without further ado, The top twenty stories from the week.

  1. Siri Is unimpressed with fictional virtual assistant’s performance in “her”
  2. Federico Viticci shares his photo management workflow
  3. iBeacon rollout continues as inMarket connected 200 grocery stores
  4. Apple is going to recenter page indicators
  5. Apple asks for it’s anti trust monitor to be replaced
  6. Gruber steps in to settle the markdown extension debate
  7. If you want people to know your Scottish heritage…buy these
  8. January the 25th will see a 30th anniversary Macintosh event
  9. iPhone outperforms DSLR Cameras! (acording to ebay deals and its readers)
  10. EyeFi announces software to send photos to your mac
  11. 3 great apps to help you achieve your New Years resolution to get fit
  12. The latest update in the patent wars…Apple hasn’t violated any of Motorola’s patents
  13. Everpix released the statistics surround its downfall
  14. Don’t want people to contact you on Gmail via your Google plus profile, follow this article
  15. Apple either slipped or grew its PC market share…depending on how you count it
  16. Dropbox security breach was really just maintenance…oh wait.. it was just a DDoS attack
  17. A few simple rules to help filter out unwanted messages in your Apple mail
  18. A review of Yahoo News digest from Macstories
  19. It’s been over 7 years since the iPhone was announced
  20. The Mophie Space pack offers more battery and data space…but is it worth it?

Well there you have it, 20 Apple news, tips and stories from the last week. Did we miss something great? Why not drop us a line with something we missed in the comments below or let us know about something this coming week on

Also let us know if this is something you’d like to see more of.

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