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Web developers fault, but Apple’s problem.

“Apple needs to add a desktop class web browser to the iPad.”

I can’t remember who exactly I first heard this quote from, but it was probably Fraser Speirs. My initial reaction to Fraser’s assertion that Apple needed to add a “desktop web browser” to the iPad. It seemed like a capitulation when really it was the web developers fault.
After all, there are websites which provide useful and powerful mobile websites for phones as well as tablets. But there are also mobile websites which provide a unpleasant experience or are even unusable.

This shows that it is at least possible to make a touch interface website that is functional and useful on iOS device. And that if we have to lay the blame anywhere, it’s on the developers who are not making a good mobile web version of the app…but all of that is completely irrelevant really.

Apple’s Problem

If you want to go iPad only, then it is you who suffers not the developers of these sites. You can complain (and I do), but it doesn’t mean anything will change.

This very problem has made me consider alternative options such as a raspberry pi service which I could remotely log into just for those couple of websites which I have to use for my work (although I know a few other reasons for a Raspberry pi) or even the Acer chromebook tablet.

That is why this is Apple’s problem.

There’s only a certain amount of time this is acceptable to users and as iPads become more and more suitable for full time work, these small annoyances become worse.

But can Apple solve this problem?

This is the question I’m still left with. Even if Apple produce a “desktop class” browser…will this be recognized by websites or will they still force a mobile browser on the user? Sure, there are web technologies which Apple can open up on the iPad, but they haven’t adopted every web “standard” on Safari on the Mac either.

There is also the excellent iCab browser but I have that and still encounter issues every now and then. Perhaps a push in the direction of more pro apps that developers want would help. If more Web developers are using iPads and similar devices, they might be more inclined to design with them in mind.

As for me, my current action step is to pester web developers and hope and prayer for some improvements in iOS 11.

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