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As of late, there has been a huge boon to the already well trod weather app market.  This is evident by a basic search on the word “Weather” in the iTunes Store.  You will find this is a somewhat crowded space, which as you might guess, demands that a weather app must do something outside the norm to get any notice (It also doesn’t hurt to have a name like Yahoo! as your creator either).

Even Apple, with iOS 7 has come out with a banner effort in this arena with their weather app, which seems to somewhat mimic the much lauded release from Yahoo!.  The fact that Apple is releasing a weather app that they actually put some effort into typically would spell much the end of all of the existing efforts in the iTunes Store.  The weather app genre however, does seem to be a bit different as each incarnation from all of the app developers offers maybe something a little different.  Some developers though, are able to take a tired view, and turn it on it’s head.  Developers like the guys who developed Weathertron.

Right from the get go, Weathertron sells itself as not just a weather app, but actually a “… new kind of weather report: an instant, accurate data visualization of your entire day.”  How about that, an actual weather report right in the palm of your hand.  Seriously, there is no radar, or wind map, not even fancy background photos of the location you are currently checking the weather for.  These are all very nice things to have in a weather app, so it seems to be counterintuitive for Weathertron to exclude these bits and pieces of infomration that have become a staple in the other apps we use today.

Counterintuitive as it may be, the app is spot on what it claims to be.  A weather report provided within your current area that you can reference quickly to literally see moment by moment, what your day will be like in the great outdoors.  Like the other apps on the market, Weathertron has a gorgeous interface, but in an entirely different way from its competitors.  Instead of scrolling down to see all of the pertinent information Weathertron somehow packs a ton of information into the minimal(ish) design of a single screen for your present weather.  And to see tomorrows weather, or even an overview of the week, is but a single swipe or tap away.

With just a couple additional customizations available that enhance the product with the option of a 12 or 24 hour clock and fahrenheit or celsius, once you set your location the app just works like magic.  Ok, maybe not magic, but it really is an amazingly powerful application at delivering a lot of information in not a lot of space.  I can honestly tell you that it has largely replaced the Yahoo! Weather app for me.  It really is that different.  One thing is for sure, it is has earned a place on my home screen, and for an app, I can think of no greater compliment.

Did I mention it is free to download for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and yes even your iPad?  What are you waiting for, go download it right now.

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