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Hey Apple, it’s me. One of your most loyal iPad users. Sure I didn’t join the iPad club on day one, but I’ve been a long time iPad user and have for the last three years used it as basically my main computer (with a few rare exceptions). All this is to let you know that I’m on your side. I’m not one of these “Apple is doomed” fear mongers and I’m often one of the first people to give you the benefit of the doubt. But you seriously need to sort out this Smart Keyboard fiasco.

No I’m not talking about the hardware, sure I’d love it to work in portrait as well as landscape and I think the idea of a touch sensitive keyboard that could be used to control a cursor would be fantastic. No, instead I’m talking about the absolutely infuriating bug that plagues it. The one where it suddenly stops typing but you can still use keyboard shortcuts to switch apps or open spotlight.

It’s happened enough times to me that I’ve worked out that bizarre hack of pressing CMD+Space to get spotlight up and then closing it which often restores the keyboards functionality…after a couple of tries. But when you have to work out a crazy solution like that, we’re in the sort of territory that windows and android have been ridiculed for in the past.

Sort out the Smart Keyboard bug fiasco

Now, I’m sure you have smarter people than me working on the iPad software and I can’t imagine what is causing this, but it’s been going on since iOS 11 came out and it’s causing a lot of bad blood. It’s the combination of how frequently it occurs, the frequent software updates which haven’t address the bug and that it renders the device inoperable at a key moment.

Honestly, some people have left the iPad only club because of this bug and that’s a huge problem. Are you really going to sacrifice all that work to stop the decline of iPad sales figures just to throw it all away?

I Still believe in you

Look, I know you will see this right, I mean, if you don’t then the iPad Pro won’t succeed. It will decline and people will look at your lower price iPad…or worse, a Microsoft surface/ Chromebook with tablet mode. I just wish you’d hurry up already.

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