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Every year thousands of new apps get released and added to the iOS app store. This year Apple has even topped 900,000. But not all apps are equal. Some apps are better than others and with that in mind it’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff. To find the real gem apps that everyone should have (or at least try) on their device. But how can we do this? Well we decided to ask you.

Well we decided to ask you guys.

As such, we’re opening up a vote on what you, the MacDaily community, think the best iOS apps of 2013 were. To make things a bit more interesting we’re separating the free and premium apps to keep it a bit more fair. However you are open to nominate any app based on any criteria such as design, unique function, can’t go without…etc

Don’t worry if you are only a MacOS user or really want your say on OSX, we’ll also be running a vote for the best OSX apps as well (but it’s best to keep these things separate.)

How To Vote

The rules are pretty simple

  1. Have a little think about what apps you really love and why you love them.
  2. Add your name (just to make sure there are no repeats or rigging)
  3. Tell us your free and paid favourite apps (and preferably why you love them)
  4. Wait for the results in January.

If there are a few apps that you really love but can’t choose one then vote for the more unusual one.

Thanks for voting I look forward to seeing what apps the community puts forward.

Feel free to share this so we can get a better picture (everyone who does statistics knows more samples leads to a more accurate result)

[Photo Credit: FutUndBeidl via Compfight cc]

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