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Let’s not beat around the bush, iTunes and the app store search sucks. How many times have you typed in the exact name of an item only for the app you are looking for not to come up. It’s a pain in the neck and a problem which Apple has historically done little to rectify. Searching on the internet can bring slightly better results but the discovery aspect of finding apps is still not addressed by the infrequently updated top new/top free and categories.

This is a topic of much complaint and we can only hope that Apple has it’s ears open (or at least not covered whilst mumbling “nah nah nah not listening’). However, until Apple does something to address the problems with the search functionality within the iTunes and app store a new third party service has sprung up to help relieve some of your search misery.

Let me introduce you to Fnd.


Find is a serve which aims to help you find what you want in the iPhone, iPad, iTunes and Mac app stores. It’s a responsive website so you can access it on your iPhone, iPad or Mac and it gives you a greatly improved results. Not only are the suggestions more accurate but they also appear in a list view as a great alternative to the card design on mobile devices.

Fnd not only has a great search function but also contains charts of the the top items as well as new a noteworthy items too. It doesn’t have the visual collections and sliders that the actual app store has to show off it’s features but it still retains a functional and attractive design across devices.

You aren’t buying apps from fnd, instead when you click on a link you’ll go through to the app store to the page that you selected.¬†Fnd is funded by affiliate links on the pages so everything you pay for, sends a small affiliate fee to the developers of the site to help keep it running. As a pricing model, it’s hard to take much objection. Not running ads keeps the site clean and focuses on usability, it also encourages the developers to make the site as effective as possible (as you’ll spend more money with them that way).

Fnd is a great tool which is unfortunately necessary due to the poor search features built into the Apple stores. I wish the developers all the best and will be sure to use their service. However, I wish Apple didn’t make a service like this necessary by improving their in built service.

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