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Some people had accurately predicted the name for the next iteration of OS X months before but the decision to call it Yosemite, after the national park was a truly inspired one (and much better than OS X Weed.) Although I’ve never been to Yosemite (yet) the pictures of the incredible natural scenery are definitely inspiration. The Wallpaper at the WWDC keynote really made note of this by showing off the natural scenery of Yosemite and I’m sure many people went rushing to find great images to use for their Mac’s wallpaper as soon as the keynote ended, if not during.

Below are three sites to deck your Mac (or iOS device if you want) with some Yosemite inspired aesthetics.

PBS National Parks 

PBS has some brilliant high resolution shots of not just the beautiful background in Yosemite but also the majestic creatures that fill the park. They even have some vintage shots as well if you fancy going retro.

Yosemite hikes

Yosemite hikes have some breath taking wallpapers featuring the highlights of the parks scenery. There is one shot that is very similar to the wallpaper used in the keynote but it has a more blueish tint to it. Personally, I took a shot from this collection as my own wallpaper as it felt a bit warmer than the one Apple used yesterday.

The Actual Wallpaper Via Gottabemobile

Gotta be mobile has done a great job in getting the Yosemite wallpaper and offering it as a download for not just your Mac but also your iPhone and iPad as well. If you loved the actual wallpaper from the presentation, then this is the site to go to.

Bonus: Search Flickr

Flickr is home to thousands of great photographers, and millions of pretty good ones too. It has such a huge database of amazing picture, including 873,838 of Yosemite, that would find a nice home on your desktop.

Are you going to change your Wallpaper to a Yosemite inspired theme?
[Photo Credit: Marc Crumpler (Ilikethenight) via Compfight cc]

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