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[UPDATE] Apple Releases iOS 8.1.3…Patches TaiG Jailbreak

So Apple has just released iOS 8.1.3 and includes a bunch of fixes and improvements. This update can be downloaded Over The Air (OTA) or via iTunes on your Mac or PC. If you’re jailbroken, it is advised not to update as it may patch the TaiG jailbreak. [Update] Jailbreak has been patched. Keep reading for more info on this update.

iOS 8.1.3 (12B466) Changelog:

iOS 8.1.3 (12B466) is a prety small update and is available for iDevices running iOS 8. The next major firmware update is expected to be iOS 8.2, which includes Apple’s Watchkit tools that are required to develop applications to run on the Apple Watch. 

It is also worth noting that the signing window for iOS 8.1.2 (which is currently jailbreakable) is still open. So if you’re wanting to do a fresh restore, now would probably be the best time to do so.

It’s confirmed that the new iOS 8.1.3 update patches the TaiG jailbreak. Apple also credits the TaiG jailbreak team for discovering some of the vulnerabilities that where patched, you can check the iOS 8.1.3 security support page here.

Again, stay away from this update if you intend on keeping your jailbreak.

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