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Upcoming Tweak – Cobalia

Developers, HASHBANG Productions, are back at it again, this time with a new iOS 8 tweak, called Cobalia. You may have come across some of their tweaks before, they created TypeStatus, LiveWire, DailyPaper and a few others. Cobalia is currently an open beta, which means you can try it out for free and report any bugs you may come across to the developers. Read more to see what Cobalia does and where you can grab the beta.

If you never use the Recent Contacts which are shown above the App Switcher, Cobalia replaces these contacts with useful toggles. The concept came from Alfonso Torres (@CPVideoMaker)

I’ve tried this out for a while, and as it’s a beta, I’ve ran in to a few problems, like some switches not working. Bugs are to be expected with this beta, the developers have acknowledged some of these issues and have stated that installing the beta version of Flipswitch from Ryan Petrich’s private repo: should fix the problem of some switches not working.

You can grab the beta of Cobalia by adding this repo –

And you can follow @HANGBANGProductions on Twitter to see what they’re up to.

What do you think of Cobalia?

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