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[Upcoming] TagExplorer – Easily Edit Your Music Tags On Your iDevice

An upcoming Cydia app by Erik E. (@comdorcet), will easily allow you to edit your music tags right on your iDevice, first of its kind. I have been playing around with it for a while now and I have to say im pretty impressed. Check out my initial thoughts of TagExplorer…

You may have heard the name Erik E (or comdorcet) before, you may have even come across one of his ‘Explorer’ tweaks. Developer of ImageExplorer, AudioExplorer, ConverArtExplorer and VideoExplorer, now comes TagExplorer.

Allowing you to edit ID3 tags of music files directly on your iDevice, TagExplorer is a pretty neat app. Jailbreak users have wanted to edit the ID3 tags of their music for a long time now and soon they will be able to, with TagExplorer.

Currently you can edit the Track Name, Artist, Album Artist and Album, you can also create new Album and Artist sections if you want. TagExplorer also allows you to edit the ID3 tags of music you have stored in iCloud (iTunes Match). 

I think that TagExplorer needs to come with a tutorial/demo to explain some of it’s settings, I had a bit of a problem getting used to the app and it’s settings. TagExplorer is currently in beta so it is a litte buggy and prolematic, but I’m certain that all bugs and problems will be sorted out before the official release.

The only downside of TagExplorer some might say, is that the ID3 tag edits don’t sync back to your iTunes library, I personally don’t think this is much of a problem. I like to have all my music on my iPhone in an order that I like and the music in my iTunes library completely untouched. All in all, TagExplorer is a pretty nifty app.

You’ll be able to grab TagExplorer for $2.99 once it’s released in the next couple of weeks.

TagExplorer is now live in the BigBoss repo!

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