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[Upcoming] Comet – A beautiful new Reddit client

If you’re an avid redditor, you may be glad to know that there is a new reddit app that’s in the works, called Comet. Comet aims to go toe-to-toe with the big dog, Alien Blue, the popular reddit client for iOS. The developers of Comet have teased a few screenshots but we have yet to see the app in action. Check it out below.

Ive used a bunch of reddit clients in the past but have always came back to Alien Blue, but it looks as though Comet could change that for me and for many others. Developers, RedBanHammer & cobbyco have taken a load of feedback on board from redditors to shape Comet.

Just look at how beautiful Comet looks…

On the flipside, it’s all very well saying the app looks good, it’s a totally different matter when it comes to actually using it. Comet is going to need to be fluid and responsive, it has to be easy to use and get used to. We won’t know how Comet feels like until it’s actually released, fingers crossed it works well.
One of the deciding factors for switching to Comet will depend on whether the app will have an iPad relative. I haven’t heard anything about an iPad version of Comet as of yet, though i’ve reached out to the developers and I will update this post accordingly once I get their reply. If there isn’t going to be an iPad specific version of Comet I can’t see myself using it, using two different reddit clients on two devices is not something I’d personally like.
As Comet isn’t in beta yet, you can still post your feedback/suggestions to the developers on reddit, there’s plenty of time to change/add new features.

Are you guys ready for a new reddit client?

You can sign up to be notified of Comet’s release on the Comet micro-site.

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