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[Upcoming] Alympus jailbreak tweak

Alympus is a new upcoming tweak, developed by iKyle and designed by Surenix. Today the creators gave us a teaser, check it out after the jump. [Update] Alympus is now live in Cydia!

After announcing they were working on a new tweak called Alympus the past week, Surenix, the designer of Alympus, teased a small preview of the tweak today.

It looks to be an App Switcher replacement, kinda like a cross between Auxo and GridSwitcher. You have the sweet animations you find in Auxo as you swipe up from bottom right, and then you have your app preview cards in a grid-like layout, each pinch zooms out, giving you more app previews on the screen.

The developer has told us Alympus will be released very soon, within a week or two in fact.

What do you think of Alympus? Are you excited?

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