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Universal secretly discounts a movie every day on iTunes

Following in the footsteps of Fox, Universal is the second movie studio to discount a movie (or two) every day on iTunes. If you’re looking to grow your iTunes collection, be on the look out for the daily discounted Universal title on our Twitter.

Fox’s Movie of the Day promo is still on-going, and the company has been discounting one title a day for the past six months. You can download the Movie of the Day iOS app here, so you can be notified which title is discounted every day.

We’ve been following Universal’s discounts for the past week, and they haven’t been announcing the discounts via an app (like Fox), or through Twitter, there isn’t even a banner on iTunes, but fear not, we will be going through the list of Universal titles on iTunes with a fine-comb to see which movie is discounted every day.

Some of the past deals (usually $14.99 each):

  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – $4.99
  • Billy Madison – $5.99
  • Notting Hill – $6.99
  • American Gangster – $5.99
  • Serenity – $4.99
  • Wanted – $6.99
We’ll be posting the daily deals on our Twitter account so be sure to follow us, the deals will last 24 hours so be quick before they’re gone.
Got any Universal movies in your Wishlist?
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