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I’ll admit it when I first head about touch id I thought it was the biggest gimmick out there. The voice in my head rang out “Really Apple? I can’t wait 3 or four seconds to type in a password?” However, after actually using the service I have completely changed my mind. Simple resting my finger on the scanner is such a nicer experience than swiping to unlock and typing in a code. The same when in the app store.

The capability of introducing up to give different fingers also meant that I could set up both my thumbs as my ID (oh no, now if someone wants to steal my precious data or buy apps I don’t want they just need to read this website, knock me out and then press my thumbs on the scanner!!!) so that I don’t need to think about which digit I should use, but I can instead just use which ever digit is more natural.

However, I recently discovered a couple of tricks that can extend the Touch ID’s service even further.

Store More Than 5 Fingers

Although I can’t really see a need to store hundreds of different finger/thumb prints, you certainly might want to set up your family (especially when touch ID comes to an iPad like device, say the rumored iPad pro). Touch ID asks you to press down multiple times, five in total, to get a better picture of your finger. However, you can switch fingers during this process resulting in being able to save up to 25 different digits. Enough for all but the largest of families.

Improve Touch ID’s Accuracy

However, this comes at a cost. The reason touch ID asks you to enter your finger print five times is because it wants several prints of your finger to compare. If you give it just one print it’s more likely to be out of lineament when you later use it. The trick to improve this accuracy is to enter the same finger into a second slot on your touch ID scanner. That way you are giving it twice as many images to search through and increasing the chance of it lining it and being excepted. The reports coming in are anecdotal but I certainly feel as though it’s recognizing my print better since I made the change.

There you go, two easy tricks to try with your Touch ID to increase accuracy or add more digits to it. If you try one let us know what you think

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