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Twitterrific 5 for iPhone Review

The beauty of a social network like Twitter is the ease of use and the experience you get when following others who share all their wisdom in 140 characters. The foundation of this service was made for mobile. I was a huge Tweetbot for iOS user. The app is powerful, pretty and very useful. The only thing that I didn’t enjoy so much was the robot-like look of the app. I’m a big fan of simplicity and negative space. When I learned that Twitterrific released version 5 of their iOS app, I purchased it right away and I have to admit, I have no regrets!

I like Pretty

Twitterrific is a beautiful app. It may be the most beautiful app I have ever used. The clean look of your stream is very easy on the eyes. You have simple white space (or dark if you go night theme) with rounded square Avatars for each tweet. Perhaps what makes this even prettier is the typography. You have the option of using Helvetica, Proxima Nova, Avenir, Signika, Museo Slab and Calluna as your font.

iPhone image on 2013-04-03 at 22_08_21


There is even an easter egg which unlocks a “pixel Lover” font (cool, but not very useful).




Beauty and simplicity go beyond your stream. The compose tweet window is a simple sheet with an option to add a photo and/or location. No diarrhea of icons as you see in other Twitter apps.

Profile view is another example of beauty. You have your avatar in the middle with your banner fading down in the background. It looks elegant and provides your information with ease.



Gestures are done well in Twitterrific. Pull to refresh (with Ollie flying around after breaking egg), swipe right to reply, swipe left to see replies, tap and hold for options of copying tweet and sending it to read-later services. One gesture that I really enjoy is tapping on a tweet and tapping and holding the “retweet” icon and it opens up a “old school” retweet sheet. Very cool! If you just want to retweet the new way, just tap and RT.


IMG_4682Other cool features of Twitterrific are the standard twitter features such as multiple accounts, translation of tweets, emailing of tweets, favorites, DMs, lists view, search (Tweets, People, History) and more.


In the setting section you have notifications (beta, being rolled out in limited number), timeline sync (iCloud, tweetmarker), sounds, unified timeline, and dark theme at night. Automatic dark theme is really cool! When the sun starts to go down, Twitterrific switches automatically to dark mode and the screen will be much easier on the eyes. Genius!!


It’s no secret that I have lots of love for Twitterrific. It’s a great app. More than anything, it’s very pretty, fast and simple. Features that for a Twitter client, make me blush at first sight! It’s no wonder why I broke up with Tweetbot and started using Twitterrific exclusively. As times goes on, I have fallen deeply in love with it. So much so, that I’m even considering putting a (notification) ringĀ  on it!


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    • Tweetbot is a great app. Power is its specialty, but Twitterrific is so beautiful and so “good”. It may be missing some of the features of Tweetbot, but what it offers is way better than any other client. Animations are smooth, fonts are ridiculously gorgeous, gestures are fluid and sounds are just right. Twitterrific is a perfect example of beauty, power, simplicity and effectiveness. The way they are bound together is impressive.