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iOS 7 hit September 18th, the beta has been out since WWDC and Tweetbot remains one of, if not the best, Twitter clients out there. So why did it take so long to update the app?

An app that has been on my homescreen since late 2011, an app I can’t seem to shake. An app I love, as many of you do, has taken forever to appear on the App Store. But alas, Tweetbot 3 was released yesterday to rousing applause around the world. Already number one under the category of Social Networking, Tweetbot 3 is something special.

It brings with it the old and also the new. It leaves a bit of nostalgia to be seen, but at the same time introduces us to new ways to utilize, one of two remaining 3rd party Twitter clients.

Shawn over at did an amazing video review that really captures Tweetbot 3 in a special way. Check out his video below.

Tweetbot 3 has been built from the ground up and hits the App Store as a well deserved 2.99 price point. One that is on sale. It will soon hit 4.99 so grab this gem while you can.

As the title states, this is our last post here at We have had a great run, hit many of the targets we set out to hit, but the time has come to go our different ways. Sites such as the amazing is all you need these days for Apple News, the community is ever growing and something that we set out to accomplish and ultimately missed.

We look forward to seeing you all around the ether and are always available. I do want to state this for the record, none of us have gone the way of the Droid, so there is no need to worry about us, or even pray for our well being.

We are Apple geeks for life, and I hope that we will meet again on some platform again soon. Thanks for being part of our little slice of Apple pie!

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