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Tweetbot 2.8 Hits The App Store w/ Media Timelines

A new version of Tweetbot has hit the App Store. The update brings a great new version of the timeline, focused on sharing media, rather than just tweets. The new timeline displays images and videos from Vine right in-line with the tweet acting as a caption.

Tapbots’ Paul Haddad says that the media timeline exists simply because they “thought it’d be a good feature to add, as it lets people view their stream in a different way.”

Although I don’t take full advantage of the timeline functionality, I do appreciate the addition, especially now since I have started using Vine.
What’s New in Version 2.8:

– New media timeline. Scroll to the top of a timeline and switch to the new media view (next to the search box). This view displays only supported image and video tweets.
– Completely redesigned image viewer
– Tweet/status detail view now displays the number of Favs and Retweets
– Fixed Instagram Previews
– Various other bug fixes

Tweetbot is easily the most used app on my iPhone. I am not a huge Twitter fan but due to simplistic beauty of the app, it’s the only client I use on my iDevice and Mac. Love these guys!

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  1. I have said it before, and I will say it again. I have Tweetbot on my iDevices and even paid the $20 for the Mac version because I love the app so much and want to support the developer. These are great additions in this 2.8 release.

    • I also own all three and though it’s no longer my preferred Twitter client, I support them as much as I can. Though I think this adds “bloat” to twitter feed, it’s not the default view so it’s very well implemented.
      I still use Tweetbot for my Mac twitter use. Fantastic!