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Tweetbot for Mac gets updated to 1.2.2

The good folks over at Tapbots have graciously released an update for their MAc product, Tweetbot. Version 1.2.2 of the Mac centric (we love this!) Twitter client includes a number of new features along with the all too obvious bug fixes.
When Tapbots introduced the world to Tweetbot for Mac in late 2012 there was a decision to be made. Tweetbot has a larger price tag of 19.99. For someone such as myself who now lives without any form of plastic is his wallet, it seemed far off. Well since the client is amazing on my iPhone, the plunge was taken. I haven’t looked back and it continues to evolve into a product I am proud to back and pay for.

As with all apps, there is always more to be done and this update introduces smaller but effective changes. Check out the latest version update notes below:

  • Users notifications will continue to work after a restart
  • Tweaks to global hide/show and global new tweets including when used in different spaces
  • Fixes for main window appearing/disappearing when the app becomes active
  • Fixed command-enter while viewing hashtag/username matches in Post window
  • Subscribed lists no longer show up in your public lists in the timeline list selector
  • Command-0 toggles the drafts window instead of just showing it
  • If you close the main window you can now use command 1-9 to display it again

Have you back any solid products on the Mac as of late? If you use Twitter more than a few times a day, this is the tool for you! Let us know in the comments what tools you use to rock it online!

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