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Tweakend – 16/03/15

The Tweakend is here! Catch up on the latest tweaks that were released this week in another one of our weekly roundup posts. We may have covered some of these tweaks in more detail as they were released. Here’s what you might’ve missed this week…

AirDrop Flipswitch – FREE
A simple AirDrop flipswitch toggle for the Control Center

AKMessages – FREE
Click on a conversation in Messages to immediately bring up the keyboard

BioBoot – FREE
Use Touch I.D. to unlock your device immediately after a reboot

ContactSlider (iOS 7) – FREE
Have your recent contacts in your App Switcher on iOS 7

DockWare (iOS 8) – $0.99
Bring up the dock anywhere via an Activator gesture, while in an app, folder or the App Switcher.

Ember+ – $1.99
for Tinder: Dropdown notifications, auto-awipe, limitless likes & update monitor

LockBlur – FREE
Apply custom blur to your Lockscreen

MoreSiri – FREE
Extra Siri languages from iOS 8.3 for devices running iOS 5.0 – iOS 8.2

Nourania – $0.99
Twitter enhancements…Share tweets, images & messages to social apps like WhatsApp and Evernote, edit images before tweeting them and much more!

PersianSTU – FREE
Have the current Persian date on the slide to unlock

Photo Uploader – $0.99
Upload photos to Imgur, CloudApp and Twitter straight from the Photos & Camera app

ShareMusix – FREE
Share your music to apps WhatsApp, Evernote, Telegram and more

What do you think of the releases this week? Grabbed any yet?

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