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Tweakend – 11/9/15

That’s right jailbreakers the Tweakend is here again! It’s another great week for new tweak releases. Catch up on the latest tweaks that were released this week in another one of our weekly roundup posts. Here’s what you might’ve missed…

AnySpot for iOS 9 – $2.99
Invoke Spotlight from anywhere with an Activator gesture

Backup AZ 2 – $2.99
The complete backup utility for your devices. Backup Cydia sources, installed tweak packages and their settings, notes, Safari bookmarks, SMS messages and their attachments and much more

Cairo – $1.45
Replaces the ‘Now Playing’ app icon with the song cover art and title

Ccircle – FREE
Make your Control Center app shortcuts (bottom section) circular

CycleBluetooth – FREE
Re-enables Bluetooth after a respring (if enabled before)

Eclipse 3 – $0.99
A system-wide dark mode, perfect for night use

HideAppMenu – FREE
Hides the Apps section in the Settings app

IconArt – FREE
Replaces the icon of the ‘Now Playing’ app with the song cover art

Lylac – $1.99
Introduces a Multi-Center, swiping up brings up your Control Center and your App Switcher. Customize the blur, background and more

MusicExplorer – $0.99 (includes trial)
Allows you to send music from your library via SMS, email or add to Dropbox

NCCards – $2.99
Have your notifications display as cards in your Notification Center. Preview

NetflixImproved – FREE
Netflix enhancements, enable/disable 1080p playback and HDCP

NoEmergency – FREE
Remove the Emergency button from the passcode screen

Palin – FREE
Transparent Lockscreen notifications and passcode input screen

PhoneAppNoFav – FREE
Removes the Favorites tab in the Phone app

QuickReply for WhatsApp – $1.49
Quick reply and compose for WhatsApp

Reform – $2.99
Resize almost anything on your Springboard, including icons, dock, font, and more you can also hide certain Control Center sections

SetBack 9 – $2.00
Save your tweak preferences, wallpapers, Springboard layout and more

SmileBattery – FREE
Changes your battery percentage into a different emoji every increment of 10

SpotBrowser – $0.99
Replaces the Spotlight with a quick browser

WAReply – FREE
Quick reply for WhatsApp and one-tap audio recording

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