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Tweakend – 11/02/15

That’s right jailbreakers the Tweakend is here again! Two tweaks that really stand out this week are Aeternum Hive and HideMeX. Catch up on the latest tweaks that were released this week in another one of our weekly roundup posts. Here’s what you might’ve missed…

Aeternum Hives – $2.99
Get a beautiful Apple Watch-like UI on your iPhone, and group your icons into ‘hives’

BreadCrumbsArrow – FREE
Removes ‘Back to” text to keep Cellular info

Byta Font 3 – FREE
Apply fonts with just a few taps on iOS 9

Cerecube 2 (iOS 8 & 9) – FREE
Download YouTube videos, manage your downloads, import downloaded videos to Videos or Music, block video ads, background playback and more

FakeStep – $4.99
Fake your step, walking, running distance in the Health app

HideMeX – $2.99
Completely customize your device, hide icon labels, badges, label shadows, customize App Switcher, dim inactive app cards, choose dim color, hide App Switcher icons/labels, select blur style, amount and much, much more. Writing any more would turn this brief description into a full blown review

iDeviceWalls – FREE
A cool wallpaper downloading app

iMAllFile9 – $0.99
Send any file through iMessage on iOS 9

InfinityTask (iOS 9) – $2.49
Keep apps backgrounded longer than Apple’s default 10 minutes

Adds iconic features from Pip-Boy to iOS, including sounds

JiggleMode – FREE
Activator gesture to activate app jiggle mode

LockBeam – FREE
Tap your Lockscreen ‘x’ number of times to activate Flashlight

No Voice Recording for Messages – FREE
Disables voice recording in the Messages app

Parallel (Zawgyi-Unicode Bridge) – FREE
Display Zawgyi and Unicode text in the Facebook app

Recents 2 – $1.49
Have your call history in the Notification Center

SB3DTouchMenu – FREE
3D Touch-like features for unsupported devices. Invoke App Switcher from edge and active Quick Actions with a hold gesture

Shortcutix – $1.30
Customize the appearance of your shortcut menus (Quick Action menu)

Sleipnizer for Safari (iOS 9) – $1.99
Convenient faster browsing with swipes

Slide2Kill 9 – $0.99
Swipe Homescreen card to kill all background apps, hold app card to add to blacklist

SystemSoundDisabler – FREE
Disable iOS system sounds

Traverse – FREE
Create custom Quick Actions on iOS 9

TWBEnhancer9 – $2.49
Tweetbot enhancer, allows streaming over LTE, send images via DM, edit images before tweeting, download videos and more

Waze+ – FREE
Enables AutoPassenger mode in Waze

WeatherBoard 2 – (iOS 9 & 8) – $2.49
Animated weather on your Lockscreen and Homescreen

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