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Tweakend – 10/26/15

The Tweakend is here again! Catch up on the latest tweaks that were released this week in another one of our weekly roundup posts. Here’s what you might’ve missed…

Auris – $1.99
Bring up a list of your favorite music apps as soon as you plug in your headphones

Bluetooth Devices Renamer – FREE
Does what it says on the tin

BrowserBreadcrumbCleanup – FREE
Auto-closes tab when using ‘Back to…’ button

BrowserTabs – $1.49
A new way to switch tabs in Safari, swipe to reveal a tab switcher and release on a tab to open

Ghosty – FREE
Dim icons (instead of blurring) when shortcut menu is presented

Label Notify – $0.99
App labels show number of notifications instead of badges

Pegasus – $2.99
Enables Picture-in-Picture on unsupported devices

Popcorn – $0.99
‘Peek’ and ‘Pop’ into apps from the Homescreen, also allows interaction

Remote Messages (iOS 9) – $3.99
Create & reply to SMS and iMessages from a web browser. More info here

Safe Alarm 2 – $1.99
Customize your alarms, make it stop or snooze at a predefined time, set custom volume level, enable alarm fade-in, choose to solve a math equation to disable alarm and more

SpotWhite – FREE
Make the Spotlight background white

StopPlayin9′ – FREE
Disables the Music app from auto-playing

SwitcherTweak Pro – $0.99
Change the direction of the App Switcher, disable app card blur, hide app icons, make app icons rounded, dim unused app cards and more

Tactful – FREE
Enables 3D Touch support for Cydia. 3D Touch Cydia icon to bring up some Quick Actions and ‘Peek’ into packages to reveal information

Tether – $0.99
Force Touch on your Homescreen to select a time to create a calendar event, alarm or reminder

Unicode Faces – FREE
Add unicode faces to your keyboard

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