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Tweakend – 10/19/15

The Tweakend is here again! We have another week that’s full of cool tweaks, and there’s definitely more than one that’s worth checking out. Catch up on the latest tweaks that were released this week in another one of our weekly roundup posts. Here’s what you might’ve missed…

3DNoLag – FREE
Remove the lag when using 3D Touch

3D Touch to Clear Notifications – FREE
Use 3D touch to clear notifications

AlwaysMore for Spotlight – FREE
Always ‘show more’ in Spotlight

Bluetooth Name in Settings – FREE
Displays the name of the connected Bluetooth device in the Bluetooth cell (like it is for Wifi)

CCQuick Pro for iOS 9 – $2.99
Customize your Control Center, change background color, change toggles, hide sections and more
CustomLS2 – $1.49
Change background color of passcode buttons, add text under LS clock and change its color, change slide to unlock text, hide Camera grabber, NC/CC grabber, and clock

Disable autolock on AC – FREE
Disables device auto-lock when plugged in

EasyLowPowerMode – FREE
Adds a preference pane for Low Power Mode in Settings for quick access

FaceDown – FREE
Place your device face down to sleep

ForceColor – FREE
Colored blur for the Quick Actions

FSVideoOnlyMessages – FREE
Plays videos in fullscreen mode in the Messages app

FullFolder9 – FREE
Fullscreen folders on iOS 9

FullNoPop – FREE
Hides keyboard presses when typing in password fields

Incognito Messages – FREE
Enable/Disable typing indicators and show read receipts only when you start typing

LockLight – FREE
Lock your device by swiping into the Spotlight page

Message ID – FREE
Replaces unknown numbers with names of well known services

MyWi 9 – $19.99 (includes 3-day trial)
Voted best tethering app, create a Wifi hotspot with just a tap and enable USB tethering

NoForceUpgrade4Uber – FREE
Stop older versions of the Uber app forcing you to update

No Quick Actions – FREE
Disable Quick Actions on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

RecentlyUninstalled – FREE
See what you’ve recently uninstalled in Cydia

Repair Settings Layout – FREE
Fixes a layout issue in the iOS 9 Settings app. If you don’t see an issue, you don’t need this

Screenshot App – $1.99
Put your screenshots in an iPhone mockup, great to showcase a theme

SFSafariViewController all the things – FREE
Opens a Safari window in apps like Gmail, Twitter, WhatsApp and Alien Blue when clicking links

Shake To Undo Flipswitch – FREE
A toggle to enable/disable ‘shake to undo’

Shortcuts – $0.99
Add Quick Action menus to more apps, including the Weather app, Settings, Music, and even Cydia

Swipe Home – FREE
Swipe up on the Home card to kill all apps

SwitcherFlipper – FREE
Flip the iOS 9 App Switcher to make it scroll in the opposite direction

Switcher Speedster – FREE
Speeds up the App Switcher by giving you the options to remove blur and app icons. You can also customize background blur, Springboard card blur and App Card blur

TypeStatus 2 (iOS 7 – 9) – FREE
See when someone is ‘typing…’ an iMessage to you

VolumeWiz – $1.99
A complete volumer controller and customizer. Set custom volume for every individual app and customize the volume hud

Watusi (iOS 9) – $1.99
Add extra features to WhatsApp, freeze your ‘last seen’, disable sending read/delivered receipts, disable typing indicators, increase Status length and much much more

We’re still seeing developers update their tweaks for iOS 9 and there have been a ton of updates these past couple of weeks.

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