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Tweakend – 10/12/15

The Tweakend is here! This week is jam-packed with cool new tweaks, thanks to the surprise jailbreak for iOS 9 by the Pangu team. Every new tweak released this week is absolutely free! Catch up on the latest tweaks that were released this week in another one of our weekly roundup posts. In the midst of all the tweak updates, here’s what you might’ve missed…

AppPlus for Snapchat – FREE
Cool features for Snapchat, automatically (or manually) save incoming/outgoing snaps, save to Photos and/or Snapchat Vault, disable Snap countdown, save/share snap messages and much more

BreadcrumbsAway – FREE
Swipe to dismiss the ‘Back to….’ app link on iOS 9

A UI customizer for the reddit client AMRC

Cog – FREE
Indicate if last message in coversation was incoming or outgoing

DisableRTL – FREE
Disables the right-to-left feature of iOS 9 for certain languages

EasyRespring – FREE
Swipe up on the Springboard page in the App Switcher to respring

EnableLivePhotos – FREE
Record and view Live Photos on iPhone 6 and below

Enable Left Spotlight – FREE
Enables the left Spotlight for the iPhone 4s

Forcy – FREE
Enables ‘Quick Actions’ on non-iPhone 6s devices by swiping up on icons

HideIgnoredUpgrades – FREE
Hide the list of ignored updates in Cydia

HideSettingsSearch – FREE
Hide the Search in Settings

Medusa for iPad – FREE
Brings Split-View, Slide Over and Picture-in-Picture to all iPads running iOS 9. Check out our review here

Mutiny – FREE
Mute conversations by swiping on them

NewsOfTheWorld – FREE
iOS 9 News app for all regions, requires two reboots for some reason after installing

NoMoreMoments – FREE
Remove the Moments tab from the Twitter app

RevealMenu – FREE
Brings Quick Actions to older devices

RevealNC 9 – FREE
Android-style swipe animation for the Notification Center

SharePro – FREE
Displays a floating sharing button on your screen for quick access to sharing options

ShowALLChanges – FREE
Shows all changes in Cydia, not just for installed tweaks

SpotlightBeGone – FREE
Disable either/or both Spotlights in iOS 9

SwitcherBadges – FREE
Show app badges in the iOS 9 App Switcher

Wallpapgur – FREE
Grabs a random image from Imgur and sets it as your wallpaper

WAQuickReply Enabler – FREE
Enables a quick-reply feature for WhatsApp

Xenok – FREE
Customize and hide Springboard elements, hide page dots, enable nested folders, enable pinch-to-close folders, disable folder background

YouTube++ – FREE
So much more than just a YouTube downloader. Enable background playback, block promoted/video ads, disable age restrictions, select default playback quality, and more!

YouTube Original – FREE
Don’t like the new YouTube UI? Bring back the original. See here

If you haven’t jailbroke yet, you can do so by following our guide on how to jailbreak iOS 9

Seen anything you like this week? Let us know your favorites in the comments below

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