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Tweakend – 09/28/15

The Tweakend is here again! Unfortunately it isn’t very exciting, in fact it hasn’t been for a few weeks in my opinion. This week we only have a handful of new tweak releases, the one that stands out from the (small) crowd this week is Anemone. Check out what was released this week…

Anemone – FREE
A new theming engine for iOS that aims to replace Winterboard

ApnHistory – FREE
A history of Apple Push Notifications

CCSwipeActivator – FREE
Swipe up/down gestures in the Control Center for Activator

MicrophoneRouting – FREE
Use different microphones in the Camera app

SBIconAlpha – FREE
Set the transparency of your app icons

Universal Mute – FREE
Mutes media volume when the ringer switch is muted

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