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Tweakend – 08/03/15

You know what time it is, the Tweakend is here again! A bunch of cool tweaks were released this week, check them out as we go through the latest Cydia tweaks that were released this week in another one of our weekly roundup posts. Check out what you might’ve missed…

AniBanner – $0.99
Add cool animations to notification banners. Gif preview

CCSpeedUp – FREE
Disable the Control Center animations to bring it up faster

Convos – $1.29
A feature-rich tweak for your conversations in the Messages app. Pin messages to the top, mark conversations and read/unread, remove table separators and more

DefaultPlayer Pro – $0.99
Allows you to set your default music player and integrates with the Control Center and Cydia tweaks such as Activator, Auxo, Acappella, and MiniPlayer

Epicentre – $1.00
A cool passcode input screen with fluid animations. Epicenter places the passcode numbers in a ring around a lock button, either drag numbers to the center to confirm presses or just tap them as normal. Gif preview

Floater – FREE
Add a rounded effect to many iOS elements including the Notification Center, Control Center, Dock, App Switcher, Banner, and the Screen

FrontCamUnMirror – FREE
The software in iOS has always mirrored photo’s taken with the front camera, if you hate that, this tweak un-mirrors it

Hide Badge Text – FREE
Hides the text on badges, so all you’re left with is a red app badge

InstaMute – FREE
Mute instagram followers

Kendra – FREE
New features for the Twitter app, new search tab, filter tweets, sort notifications, verified accounts, redesigned notifications and more

KeySwipe – $0.99
Simply change keyboards by swiping up or down

No Music Downloaded Indicator – FREE
Hide the ‘downloaded’ indicator on songs that are downloaded on the device

No Music Interruptions for incoming calls – FREE
Incoming calls no longer interrupts your music, the music will no longer ‘dip/fade’ when the phone rings, the music only pauses when the call is answered

Picture Passcode – $1.99
Set a picture as your passcode screen, then unlock your device by tapping certain areas of the picture

RomanPasscode – FREE
Replace your normal passcode numbers with roman numerals

SafeTexting Lite – FREE
Lite version includes manual reading of messages and sending read receipts only when message has been read

SeeBlockedTweets – FREE
Still see tweets even if you’re blocked

SongCount – FREE
Show the song count in iOS 8.4’s My Music tab

Stalky – $1.99
Get a list of  recent status updates and profile picture changes of your WhatsApp contacts

TextSearch – FREE
Search text via Google/Bing/Yahoo via a flipswitch or ActionMenu

Velox Lite (iOS 7 & 8) – FREE
View any pending notifications for an app right in the Homescreen, simply by swiping on the app icon. Preview of Velox II

Vibrate on Failed Attempt – FREE
Device vibrates when there’s a failed Touch I.D. attempt

Have you got your eye on any of this weeks releases?

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